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2016-02-11 Information for Consumers
The evaluation studies of the DIA®-HIV-Ag/Ab enzyme immunoassay for the simultaneous detection of antibodies to HIV1/2 and HIV-1 p24 antigen were performed...

2015-12-29 We congratulate on New 2016 Year and Merry Christmas!
Dear Colleagues! Sincerely we congratulate...

2015-12-01 December 1 - World AIDS Day!
December 1st - is an occasion to show solidarity and unity in overcoming HIV problem.

2015-10-09 Information for Consumers
“Quality management systems according ISO 9000”presentation

2015-09-08 Information for Consumers
New distributor in the Republic of Belarus

2015-08-01 Anti-corruption program
Developed, approved and implemented anti-corruption program.

2015-07-27 Information for Consumers
The release of experimental series of HIV rapid tests

2015-04-30 Issuer important information
Issuer important information

2015-04-29 Annual information
Published annual information about the shares in 2014 (in Ukrainian).

2015-03-31 New products
State registration of medical good "Maps-indicators of cold chain Standard U 21.2-24265186-010:2015" is conducted

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