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2012-02-21 Our product range is supplemented.
Our product range is supplemented by four PCR test systems and 18 serum panels.

2011-12-12 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
May all your dreams come true in the coming New Year!

2011-11-30 December 1 – World AIDS Day
Since December 1, 1988 World AIDS Day was dedicated.

2007-03-03 The technology for the production of high purified recombinant interferon.

2006-10-16 DIA-HIV 1/2 bearing CE-mark, lot No. 064-06
approved for commercializaion in EU

2006-05-15 CE-certification of the Product DIA-HIV ½
Certification of Quality Management System of Diaproph-Med according to IVD-regulations in European Union.

2006-03-29 The test kit for diagnostics of H5N1 avian influenza A virus
The test kit «DIA-Real Avian Influenza» for the detection of viral RNA of Н5N1 avian influenza А virus in clinical materials of poultry with the method of one-stage Real - Time RT-PCR was elaborated.

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